Your Health Is The Point

I'll help you become the Joyful Light Being you always knew you were.

Glowing Health can be achieved with a bit of effort.  Allow me to support your transformation.

Our sessions can include any of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Hypnosis, Sound, Crystals, Essential Oils, etc.  I bring these diverse skills and more to the treatment table and I may use any number of them to support your healing experience.

Our work together and a good attitude are a brilliant path to bring you to your goal of health and relaxation.​

I Specialize in Treating: 

We can always work on any of the other issues that you may need support with.


I will be holding classes at my office from time to time, sometimes with Guest Speakers

On Saturday, 26 Aug 2017, from 1-2:30pm, I will be teaching 'Managing the Stress of Transitions’, with Phyllis H. Abend, LMT, PTP, CH, LAc. ​

Transitions are always stressful.  The shift from summer to school is just a metaphor for all transitions in life.  This class begins to address some of the stressors for all involved and will focus on techniques for stress management.

When we were children, “Back to School” meant the end of sleeping late and playing in the warm sun every day.  It meant going back to early bed and wake-up times and sitting in a classroom.  We may have a whole new school, new classmates, new teachers, new subjects.  Some of us loved it while others of us dreaded it.

For parents, it means the kids aren’t under foot all day, every day, but it also means  back to sports and activity schedules and being the ‘mom taxi’.  Shopping for new clothes, school supplies, dorm room, tuition also strain the pocketbook.  If your kids are off to college, you and your kids may both celebrate and mourn them being away.

Teachers with all new students, maybe a new School, maybe teaching new material get to adapt, again.

For all of us, any major life transition is hard, including:
Marriage or Divorce
Marrying off your children
Going off or sending your children to College
Empty nest
Job loss, a new job or a big promotion
Moving, including finding, Buying &/or Selling your home
Births and Deaths

Any big life change will rock the foundations of your life.  On some level, every transition is a death of life as it was.  Let’s work on learning tools that can help you survive the changes your life has wrought.

Breathing Exercises
Getting help
Self-hypnosis and self-soothing
Movement & Exercise
Nutritional changes
Using Sound, Essential Oils, Crystals
Behavioral and Activity Changes
Test taking strategies

Do let me know if you're planning to attend so I have an idea how many chairs I'll need.  Feel free to bring family, friends,  and acquaintances.

Note: 1. Yes I did change the name of the class, As I was thinking about what I wanted to say, the bigger subject matter kept being too important.

        2. I am available to do talks on an agreed upon topic at your facility.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed in any mental health modality.  All the work I do related to mental health is done energetically and is not meant to replace psychotherapy.

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