Your Health Is The Point

I'll help you become the Joyful Light Being you always knew you were.

Glowing Health can be achieved with a bit of effort.  Allow me to support your transformation.

Our sessions can include any of Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Hypnosis, Sound, Crystals, Essential Oils, etc.  I bring these diverse skills and more to the treatment table and I may use any number of them to support your healing experience.

Our work together and a good attitude are a brilliant path to bring you to your goal of health and relaxation.​

I Specialize in Treating: 

We can always work on any of the other issues that you may need support with.


I will be holding classes at my office from time to time, sometimes with Guest Speakers

On Saturday, 6 Jan 20185, from 1-2:30pm, I will be teaching 'Managing the Stress of Transitions’.

Transitions are always stressful.  

For all of us, any major life transition is hard, including:
Marriage or Divorce
Marrying off your children
Going off or sending your children to College
Empty nest
Job loss, a new job or a big promotion
Moving, including finding, Buying &/or Selling your home
Births and Deaths

Any big life change will rock the foundations of your life.  On some level, every transition is a death of life as it was.  Let’s work on learning tools that can help you survive the changes your life has wrought.

Breathing Exercises
Getting help
Self-hypnosis and self-soothing
Movement & Exercise
Nutritional changes
Using Sound, Essential Oils, Crystals
Behavioral and Activity Changes
Test taking strategies

Do let me know if you're planning to attend so I have an idea how many chairs I'll need.  Feel free to bring family, friends,  and acquaintances.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed in any mental health modality.  All the work I do related to mental health is done energetically and is not meant to replace psychotherapy.

Note: I am available to do talks on an agreed upon topic at your facility.

Call 646-228-6463 for an appointment.
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