Massage Focuses on the muscles and circulation.

  • Swedish Massage: Swedish Massage will pamper and soothe you.  Either the work can be light and just ease you into relaxation or it can get deep into those tight muscles, relieving the aches and pains from slaying the dragons in your life.

  • Medical Massage and Deep Tissue Massage:  If you have injuries or stubbornly tight muscles, medical massage and deep tissue are great for loosening and rebalancing the muscles.  Deep tissue work will allow you to get back into the game that much sooner.

  • Hot Stone Massage:  Hot Stones will warm you from the skin to the core of your body.  Heat from the stones take the touch of massage really deep into your muscles and melt away all those kinks.  The stones are used as an extension of my hands to melt your tensions.  Stones may also be placed in your hands and on your back or tummy during the session.  This is an ideal treatment for those chilly winter and early spring days.  (Hot stones are available during cold weather months. There is also an additional charge because the session is a bit longer and set-up and clean-up take considerably longer than a regular massage.)*


  • Pre-natal Massage:  Let's face it, pregnancy is tough on the body.  Pre-natal  massage is a huge help for that aching back and hips or your swollen ankles.  Massage also helps relax you enough so you can find a position where you can sleep. 

  • Aromatherapy:  Aromatherapy adds another dimension to your session and can be added to any type of bodywork.  I use some pre-blended oils or I can custom blend oils for you.*

  • Tui Na:  Is Chinese massage.  It can be pretty intense, but It's brilliant for orthopedic problems.

  • Chair Massage:  Massage at your office, health fair or even your party.  I take my massage chair on the road and bring it to you.  It can be a wonderful add-on for any event.

* These services are only available at my New Paltz office.

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