Digestive Distress

Many people do their best to ignore digestive issues.  They either go away or they keep getting worse until you pay attention to what's causing the symptoms.  They can come from structural problems or parasites in the bowel, but they are more likely to have dietary and/or emotional causes.

The cause can be any number of things.

  • Stress or Emotional Issues
  • Food Allergies or Sensitivities
  • Parasites
  • Environmental toxins
  • Gut Biome imbalances
  • Bad diet
  • Too little water intake
  • Too little fibre intake
  • Too much coffee or alcohol
  • Side effects of medications
  • Eating too much/little
  • Eating too irregularly - too often or not often enough
  • Eating too limited a diet
  • Eating too soon after waking or late in your day
  • Structural problems or diseases like Crohn's
  • etc.

Keeping a food diary of every thing that you eat or drink, how much, when and how you feel through the day will begin to bring awareness to your diet and give us a place to start looking at potential problem foods or things you need to add to your diet.

The food diary can also be used to track times of emotional overload and the physical symptoms that follow.

I am also trained to use kinesiology as a way to discover whether things you eat on a regular basis or emotional triggers may be the problem.  Testing various foods is a great way to discover whether specific foods are ok for you to eat.

I will work with you to discover the problem and help you resolve it.

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