Allergies can effect you in so many ways.  You may feel the effects anywhere; in your lungs, sinuses, eyes, digestion, skin, general energy level or anywhere else.

They can be seasonal allergies like pollen, or mold, even wool

They can be environmental allergies like dust, animal dander, perfume or paint fumes or any number of chemical sensitivities

They can be food allergies - you can get allergic to anything you eat

We are all familiar with the usual signs of 'Hayfever', runny nose, red eyes, etc.  That's just the beginning...

Allergies not only make us

  • wheeze
  • sneeze
  • and tear

they may also

  • completely mess up our digestion
  • give us rashes,
  • interfere with our sleep
  • kill our energy level
  • or just make us feel lousy.


When you come to me for Allergies, I will make many suggestions for things you can do to begin to alleviate your symptoms.  I will not suggest anything I may not have already done or would be willing to do, myself.  They are not all easy, but I have found that they are useful in figuring out what is causing your misery.


Several of these recommendations often meet with resistance, especially things like discontinuing the use of perfume and perfumed products and some of the dietary recommendations.  Unfortunately, diet is often a big culprit in both respiratory and digestive symptoms.

For upper respiratory issues, that's nose and sinus, I am likely to start by encouraging you to rinse your nose every day, especially during your peak allergy season.

I will ask for a food diary.  This seems like a nit picky thing to do, and it is.  Things we eat that we would never think of can be the cause of our symptoms.  

  • You list everything you eat, including the odd piece of candy or gum and what flavor it is, and when.
  • ​You note how you feel throughout the day, include how stuffy your nose is, how your energy level is, how your stomach and belly feel.  This detail should be when you notice a change or every couple of hours.
  • I even want to know when you have a bowel movement, whether you have cramps, how easy it was to pass, how formed it is and how strongly it smelled.  This may not seem useful to you, but it tells me quite a bit.
  • In your food diary, if you prepare the food yourself, the ingredient list is relatively easy, if you're eating out, try to include anything you can divine that's in what you're eating.  Eating out or eating prepared foods is trickier.  If it's packaged, cut out or photograph the ingredient list and attach it to the page.

Once we have suspicious foods, I may do some muscle testing with the foods in question.  I may just ask you to stop eating the suspect foods completely for a few weeks and see how you feel without them.  This can be hard and is very revealing.


If you have skin symptoms, I will need to see everything you put on your skin.  Ingredients that are considered 'gentle', like camomile, give some people symptoms.  The food diary will also help with rashes.

Sometimes, people who have what they are told is one thing is actually a food allergy.  I have seen people who have gluten allergies that are not celiac, or a diary intolerance, feel like a completely different person once they changed their diet.

Just FYI, As someone who is absurdly allergic, I have been learning about allergies the hard way.  It's why I ask you to skip the perfume when you come to see me.

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