Abend Acupuncture
& Dancing Goddess Wellness
Moving into Wellness with Love and Laughter

Envelop yourself in a nurturing cocoon of healing
and experience metamorphosis
to the joyful light being you really are.

Call Phyllis Abend, LMT, PTP, CH, LAc
at 646-228-6463 between 8AM and 11PM ET
to arrange an appointment
or send me an email from the
Contact Us page

I work out of my office in New Paltz, New York,  
and out of shared spaces in Manhattan and Malverne, NY.

Please note that this website is being maintained. 
I have moved to New Paltz, NY and there are inconsistancies through the site that may reflect my previous address in Brooklyn.


Acupuncture may be used to treat any health problem.
Most people find that acupuncture works brilliantly for pain, it is also widely used
and highly effective for emotional and other physical issues. 

We now offer specialized cosmetic procedures that treat the entire system while helping with cosmetic concerns.

For more information, click on Acupuncture 

Bodywork and Hypnosis

Energy Work: These modalities use the life force in your system to heal both the physical and emotional
          Polarity Therapy
                              Cranio-sacral Therapy

Massage: Using either my hands or hot stones to untangle and soothe the muscles,
a deep sense of ease, peace and relaxation can be attained
          Swedish Massage
                    Medical Massage
                              Deep Tissue Massage
                                        Hot Stone Massage

Custom blended essential oils may be added to any hands-on technique

For the expectant mother any of the energetic modalities or massage
help make her feel better now and delivery easier
          Prenatal Massage 
                    Prenatal Polarity 
                              Prenatal Reflexology
                                       Prenatal Cranio-sacral

Hypnosis and Meditation are ways to clear your head and adjust your behavior
                    One on One or Group Meditation

Click on Bodywork & Hypnosis


Unique beaded jewelry designs using semi-precious stones.
Each piece is designed and made individually.
Some pieces are shown as sets, all jewelry can be purchased individually or as sets.

There are necklaces, many with matching earrings on the Necklaces  page. 
There are also bracelets, earrings, some in sets, and the fun, new eyeglass leashes on the Earrings & Bracelets page.

To see some of the jewelry I've made, click on  Necklaces
                                                                    Earrings & Bracelets

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